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    Meet Cutter –

    Around 20 years old, Cutter is a maiden mare who has worked extensively in her life as a 4-H partner and a friend to children. She stands about 14½ hands and has dun coloring. I brought Cutter into my care in November of 2018, and she has been a great comfort to myself, my family, and many clients. She is energetic in nature and tends to allow for quiet attachment in closeness. She enjoys grooming and touch from humans. Cutter can be quick to submit and slow to connect, which assists clients in reflecting upon their own relationship and intimacy struggles and how their attachment issues may affect their ability to establish secure relationships.

    Meet Daisy-

    Daisy is 10 years old and has spent most of her life as a brood mare with little human contact. She is blue roan in color (looks black), stands at about 16 hands, and weighs around 1,250 pounds. She came into my care full of energy in November of 2020. She avoids close human contact, struggles to allow touch, and lacks trust. She tends to move away from connection to give space from others, both horse and human. Daisy has contributed to clients by helping them attune to her cues and energy and by looking at their inner world of energy and belief systems. She has a great way of reflecting to clients how they interact in relationships and helps them understand how past relationships are projected into the present.