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  • Intensive couple sessions

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    Do you recognize common patterns in your negative interactions? Have you felt let down by the relationships in your life? Do you feel anxious or depressed and unable to connect to those who are most important? Learn who you are in relationships and how to open to the connections you want.

    Relationships are a series of ruptures and repairs. As we learn to move quickly and effectively into repair connection deepens and safety increases. We have a place we can ask to have our attachment needs met in a fulfilling way; creating that safe harbor when the storms of life beat down.

    Intensive weekends are tailored to each couple to meet your needs, goals, and availability (minimum of 5 hours). Clients learn to recognize negative interaction patterns de-escalate and move to repair; engage in conversations that deepen the connection that fosters intimacy and a “safe haven” during times of distress.

    My work incorporates Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Tim Jobe and Bettina Schultz-Jobe’s Natural Lifemanship.

    Intensive weekends can be Equine Assisted or not as desired by the client couple.